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Fashion designer Viva Fashion Optical has created a simple, stylish mask for the eyes that uses a high-tech filter to brighten the skin.

The mask comes with a special gel which uses a special pigment to make the skin glow.

The new mask comes in four different colours to match the skin tone of a person’s face, with different colours of the filter and the gel used to create the eye mask also helping to brightens the skin and make it appear younger.

Viva Fashion optical explains that their filter uses “a special pigment that has been created to help the eye’s retinas absorb light.”

They explain that the mask’s gel, which contains an ultra-violet blue pigment, creates a special layer of pigmented material on the face’s surface.

It can absorb light that normally wouldn’t penetrate the skin, allowing the eye to see and react quickly to the changes in light.

“We designed this mask with a filter that has a specific colour for the eye,” said Viva founder and creative director, Emily C. Cohen.

When you use the filter, the skin underneath your eyes will glow, which gives you the illusion of a younger look.””

For the first time ever, the filter is designed to look natural and even looks like the skin under the mask, but it’s not.”

When you use the filter, the skin underneath your eyes will glow, which gives you the illusion of a younger look.

“The mask can be worn for about three days, with a couple of days worth of wear required to completely remove the filter.

The filter is made up of a unique layer of polymer which is used to absorb light.

It also acts as a diffuser, absorbing the energy from sunlight, which can then be turned into light, which in turn lightens the eyes.

Vivo says that they’ve had feedback from customers and consumers saying they like how the mask looks and feels.”

Our customers have said they really enjoy the look of the mask,” said Cohen.”

Some of them have even said they feel a little more confident when they’re wearing it.

“Read more about eye makeup:Viva’s eye makeup is a modern take on classic makeup, combining modern ingredients with old school techniques.

Vivacity is an independent beauty company that has launched a range of eye makeup including eye shadows and eyeliners to help you achieve your dreams.