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The 60s were the golden age of fashion, and it’s a time when we all remember a lot of fashion trends.

From the fashion for dresses, to the style of shoes, to hairstyles, the 60s was a time of love and fashion, according to fashion historian Lisa Stokley.

In the late 60s, women wore very short skirts, often with a slit at the front, and short skirts with an open front.

The silhouette was often styled with a low collar and a bow.

And, women were often seen wearing a very short, very wide bodysuit with a zipper at the back.

This was the “dress and skirt” look.

The style of clothing was largely influenced by the styles of the period’s stars, including Joan Rivers and the Beatles.

In fact, Rivers’ style of wearing a dress and a skirt was considered the first true dress and skirt look, according a fashion historian.

Today, the style is very much in vogue.

As the fashion world moves into the 21st century, the look is becoming more sophisticated.

But, the 30s and 40s were a time that women were more comfortable in their everyday lives.

In the 1950s, the dress and skirts trend was still popular, and women were wearing the very same dresses and skirts as today.

While the 50s and 60s still hold a lot for us, the 40s and 50s also are one of the most iconic eras of fashion.

It was also a time for women to start getting out of the house and into their cars and cars were still the only place to go in the world, according Stokie.

Today in the 50’s, women still felt a lot more confident and had a lot less pressure to dress to look like the people they were wearing.

The 40s also brought a lot about change in how women were dressed.

People started getting more masculine, and wearing makeup was a popular trend, according Lisa Stomley.

But, the fashion trends in the 40 to 50s were not the same as what’s happening today.

For example, there are no strapless dresses anymore, and no more high heels, which were also popular at the time.

We’re in a much more modern era now, and more people are wearing jeans and T-shirts, according Schuette.

For the women in the 30 to 40s, we still had a number of styles of dress, but there were very few options.

We had a variety of skirts, and skirts were still a fashion staple, but the waist wasn’t that high and we didn’t have the wide back, so we didn:The dress of the 40’s is very similar to the one that is worn today.

It’s a skirt with a very wide front and a high collar, and a narrow back.

For the women of the 60’s, they didn’t necessarily have the same choice.

We still had skirts that were long and narrow, with a high back, and with a long waist.

The 60s may have been the most famous time in fashion, but it was also the most time-consuming.

For a lot, women had to make their own fashion choices.

For Schuettes, it was much more important to stay true to the look of the time, and to keep the look that she loved.

When we look back on the 60 years, it’s hard to pinpoint one style, but we can identify a lot that we all grew up with.

It wasn’t always easy to be true to those styles.

In this era, women would have to get creative.

There was a lot to choose from.

In some cases, it wasn’t just the clothes, but also the accessories that they wore.

So, we can see how much time and effort it took to make those looks and to find the style that worked for you.