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The next time you have to replace a broken glass, ask yourself: Is it worth the hassle?

There are some good reasons for the inconvenience and the costs.

The glass that has been broken may have some holes that are visible, but this is a good thing.

The hole is there to prevent other glass from breaking into the frame.

The hole is also there to protect the glass from being crushed by the impact of a collision.

In addition, it prevents other glass pieces from falling out of the frame or breaking into pieces that could harm others or themselves.

Glass that has broken should always be replaced immediately, even if it is covered with dust or debris.

You will also need to replace the frame and glass if it has fallen off a wall or fallen into a river.

When you do have a glass break, there are two important things to remember: the most important part of glass is the shape of the glass, not the color.

You want to look for the most obvious areas and make sure the glass is clean and in good shape.

This image shows the glass that was broken.

The first thing to consider is whether the glass should be covered with dirt or debris, and whether it is too large to cover with a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth.

If the glass can be covered by dirt or a sheet, the second part of the question is more important.

You can then decide whether the dust or the debris is a problem, and how much of it is worth to cover the glass with a piece or cloth.

The image above shows the broken glass.

If you see a small hole, that is not a problem.

If you see holes in the glass itself, then the glass needs to be replaced.

The second question is when you will need to do so.

You should replace the glass immediately if it breaks, or when the damage is less than a centimetre (0.06 inch).

You should also do this if the damage to the glass or glass frame is less that a centimeter (0,02 inch).

The glass can also be covered or not covered with any type of material.

For example, it can be placed in the corner of a bathroom, on the floor, or in the toilet.

If it is not covered or the glass does not need to be removed, then it is OK to keep it.

The most important thing to remember is to always keep the glass clean.

If your glass breaks, it is likely that you are damaging the glass frame and the frame may need to come off or be replaced if it falls.

The second thing to be aware of is whether you are breaking glass by accident, or if it could have been done by a person.

If someone is breaking glass, you should always ask them to stop and wait until the glass has stopped breaking.

If they continue to break the glass for more than 15 seconds, the person needs to stop, call for help and then ask the person to stop.

You may have to do this a number of times until they stop breaking the glass.

You also should ask them if they have broken other glass, like the windows of their house, if they had a knife, or even if they just dropped their glass.