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K&g’s fashion shows “discover[ing] a new fashion,” according to CEO Scott Taylor.

The brand’s latest show, which took place on June 10 at the L.A. Times Tower, is set to be a major highlight of the LAMF 2017 season, which will see its opening date of July 1st announced in the LAB press release.

“Our latest show will be a highlight of LAMFs 2017 and a must-see,” Taylor said.

“Our new style has been carefully curated to reflect the timeless, masculine spirit of our brand, and we look forward to a full-day experience of fashion.”

The LAMFest will feature the likes of Levi’s and Zara, among others, as well as a plethora of fashion-focused events, including the LA Fashion Week and the Los Angeles Fashion Show.

The LAM Fest will also feature a fashion show hosted by fashion photographer and curator, Kristina Schlesinger.

K&g will be hosting the first of a planned series of fashion events in the summer, with a few notable brands including Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, and Calvin Klein set to debut at the show.

K&amp’s Fashion Week, which runs from June 10th to June 18th, is the first time K&gt has partnered with a fashion brand on a full year of events.

Taylor also noted that the brand has a plan for a new annual festival, the LA Film Festival, which the Lammf has been promoting for a number of years.

“We’re looking forward to bringing together the best of LammFs creative talent and offering a new festival year-round in 2018,” Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter.

“The LA Film Fest is our first collaboration with a major fashion brand, so we can’t wait to see what the LAMA fans come up with!”