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The Grit family is devastated after the passing of their oldest son, former Grit and current Grit Justin.

The Grit brothers have been friends since Justin was 10 years old.

He and his brother, Justin, have been playing hockey together ever since.

Justin was diagnosed with cancer in August of last year.

Justin died on April 24, a week after he was scheduled to undergo treatment for a malignant tumor in his brain.

Justin was 51 years old at the time of his death.

He had been playing the sport since he was 10.

Grit was also a member of the Grit boys’ junior hockey team.

The G-Men were in the United States Hockey League this season, but were unable to participate in the playoffs because of injury.

Justin, who is also a teacher at the G-Masters, was a captain of the junior hockey teams.

He was a two-time all-star and two- time gold medalist in the junior and international hockey leagues.