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Fashion designer Harajuku Fashion nova has been a favorite among the younger generations, as they enjoy its rich heritage and vibrant style.

The brand is well known for its signature styles and unique colours.

A new model by the name of Kariya will make a debut at the runway show on September 10.

Harajukis new models have been chosen for their unique designs and stylish looks.

This is the second time Harajuys new models will make an appearance at the show, following the introduction of its models on the popular fashion site Red Thread last year.

Haraja’s models are being chosen for the style they embody.

Harajuku’s runway style focuses on modern, modern, futuristic and futuristic elements.

Harja has been attracting many young women in recent years, with a young generation increasingly attracted to the brand’s high quality, bold colours, high-fashion and glamorous silhouettes.

In 2016, the brand sold more than 300,000 pairs of its latest collection, including the signature Harja, as well as a number of its more recent designs.

The new Harajku models have a very diverse and unique look, with some appearing to be from different continents and cultures.

For example, Kariyah’s model, an Indian girl, has an African accent and wears a dark purple dress with black trim.

Her hair is styled in a short style.

Another model, Kajana, wears a red and black dress with a matching veil, as her hair is cropped.

Her outfit includes a short skirt with a dark red belt, black high heels, black ankle boots and a gold necklace.

Another model, Nana, who is also Indian, wears an Indian style dress and is seen wearing a red skirt with gold trim and a white belt.

Nana is the eldest model of the new Haraja line.

For their debut on the runway, Harajus models are wearing a variety of colours.

The models who are not wearing any accessories, such as earrings, belts, or jewelry, are wearing black hair extensions.

Another Harajuko model, Siti, is seen rocking a pair of black leather sandals.

She has long brown hair that has been styled in an African-inspired style.

Siti’s hairstyle is a mix of black and blonde, which she often uses in her looks.

Siti also has a few accessories, including a necklace with a diamond-shaped gem.

This necklace is made of silver and black, and is worn with a black belt.

Sri Lankan model, Mina, has long black hair and has long dark brown eyes.

She wears a long black jacket, and has a gold belt on her left shoulder. 

Mina is a model for Harajujasho, a company owned by Harajun, which is a fashion label based in Japan.

Mina is also a part of the brand Harajuna, and she wears a Harajunko style suit, a short black skirt with black and gold trim, and a black ankle boot.

Sia, a model from India, is a part-time model at Harajuru.

She also has several accessories, from a gold bracelet to a black leather shoe.

Sias long hair is a bit shorter, which makes her look more feminine.

Her style is a little bit more bold and modern, with many layers of accessories.

Siacia wears a black top and long hair.

The model has a bright blue, long skirt with two black stripes, and white heels.

She’s wearing a white blouse with a red flower design on the front and red and blue flowers on the back.

Sibira, a new model from Thailand, wears her hair up in a long braid.

She is wearing a pink and white dress with blue trim and black ankle shoes.

Her look is a modern one, which includes a red bow with two white flowers on each side, and green accessories. 

Sibra, a Thai model, has her hair styled in the same fashion as Sia.

The style is slightly shorter than Sia’s.

She wears a white dress and long skirt, with black accessories.

The new models from Harajuka, Harja and Harajupu, have been selected for their looks.

They are currently on the fashion show stage and will be in attendance.