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A new way of looking at fashion is being introduced to Barbies, and the style has a lot in common with the old-fashioned look. 

The new look is called “fashion,” and it is described by its designer as “a hybrid of style and fashion,” the Associated Press reported. 

Barbie designer Yvonne Stroud told the Associated, “It’s a hybrid of modern and past.”

She explained that “we wanted to create something new.” 

The new style will come to Barbershop and Barbie’s sister stores this fall.

The new style is a little different from the old look.

“It has a little bit more color and an emphasis on silhouettes and a lot of accessories,” she said. 

The Barbie brand has been trying to reinvent itself in recent years, especially in the women’s department, with the recent launch of Barbie Boutique.

But the brand also has been taking its fashion a step back in recent months, especially as its focus has shifted to men’s accessories.