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Retailers are bracing for an influx of shoppers for a growing trend that they say is a reflection of consumers’ shifting preferences for the kinds of clothes they wear.

While they’ve traditionally focused on men’s shoes, retailers are beginning to take a closer look at women’s and children’s shoes.

In some cases, women’s footwear has become more popular with shoppers, such as in a recent survey conducted by the retail company J. Crew that found that nearly one-third of shoppers in the U.S. are looking for footwear styles for their children.

In the past few years, men’s footwear brands like Timberland and New Balance have been among the top-selling brands in the United States, while women’s brands like H&M, Zara and Banana Republic have gained momentum.

The trend is driven by consumers who want to feel more like their kids and more like a “real” family member, said Chris Haskins, senior vice president of sales at J.


Haskins said he has heard that women are starting to take advantage of the trend because the clothing they wear has become increasingly appealing.

For example, the trend of women wearing a dress to an event is a great opportunity for women to make a statement, he said.

“There are a lot of women in our company who are really embracing the fact that they want to make sure they look their best,” Haskings said.

The trend of buying children’s clothing is also evident in the fashion industry, where retailers are increasingly looking at the growing popularity of the kids’ clothes trend.

Macy’s recently launched an online campaign called #KidsDressing that features the popular children’s fashion brand The Kids Dressing Club.

The campaign also features clothing inspired by the group’s favorite children’s movies and television shows, including “Winnie the Pooh” and “The Lion King.”

The campaign has been so popular that The Kids Dress Club is selling apparel inspired by The Lion King.

The retailer also recently launched a children’s line of apparel that includes a pair of kids’ dresses inspired by “The Little Mermaid,” a popular Disney princess film.

The line is available at select stores.

The children’s market is growing at an even faster rate than the men’s market, said Jennifer Zivak, a research analyst with the consultancy Frost & Steinberg.

She noted that in 2017, the U!


dollar gained more than 30% against the yen, which helped propel the growth of the children’s apparel industry.

“The kids’ market has been really strong,” Zivar said.

While the dollar continues to be strong, she said, she’s seeing a significant increase in interest from women.

“We see women taking it more seriously,” Zevak said.

In fact, Zivk said she’s heard from more than a half-dozen women who are considering buying children clothes.

The new trend is also showing up in other sectors of the U and in other countries.

Zivi said that when she was growing up in the 1990s, men were more likely to shop at department stores or at big box stores and women were more focused on clothing.

But in the last five years, women are looking to buy more clothes and accessories in stores.

Zivi added that in the past decade, she has seen a noticeable increase in sales in the jewelry and fashion sections of department stores, which she said has helped to drive the trend.

But she also said the trend is beginning to impact other types of retailers, like department stores.

“I don’t think it’s a complete void, but it’s certainly beginning to look a little bit more different,” she said.