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Fashion is a big topic of conversation in London this year, with the fashion world divided over what exactly constitutes “furry”.

Hippies, who like to wear fur coats, jackets and even costumes, are seen as cool and fashionable.

The trend has been embraced by many celebrities including Justin Bieber and Kate Moss.

But a new fashion trend is being championed by some who are “hippie-like”.

Newton Fashion designer Amelia Taylor has made the bold claim that she is not a “fursuit”.

“Hippy”, she said in a statement.

“My style is ‘hippies’,” she said.

Ms Taylor is a self-described “furries” with a passion for fashion and art.

She has a long history of dressing up in fur suits, hats and even dresses to make herself look like a mermaid.

Newtons clothing collection is inspired by her work, which she describes as a “Hippo look”.

Ms Taylors work was featured in the popular online magazine Newtons Fashion.

Her website says her aim is to inspire young girls to be “hippy”.

She is currently in the process of designing a collection of “fancy” pieces inspired by “Furry” culture.

Holly is an artist who has made a series of “furries” hats for the new fashion season, and is currently working on a range of fur-themed accessories.

Lucky star!

Laila Rose was inspired to create a “hipped” look for the season, inspired by the look of “Frozen” star Idina Menzel.

After meeting her boyfriend at an airport, the couple became inseparable and have been together for nearly two years.

Their relationship is a huge hit online and she has been asked by fashion photographers and bloggers to create outfits inspired by Disney Princess characters.

While it is easy to make fun of these new trends, Ms Rose has been called “fringe”.

Her collection of fursuit-inspired outfits includes the “hockey mask” from Frozen.

And her collection of fur hoodies was inspired by a scene from Disney’s Frozen, where Elsa is asked to turn her hood into a furry suit.

As a fashion designer, Ms Taylor says she does not think she is fussy about what people consider “fuzzy” or “fairytale” but that she doesn’t think people should look at her as an exception to the rule.

I don’t know what that is about.

I guess I just love to create something that is a little different, but I don’t think it’s fussy.

She said.

The fashion industry is also divided over “faux fur”, which is an entirely different animal and is described as “furred” and “furless”.

However, Ms Taylor said her collection is more than just a collection that she has designed for the fashion industry.

It’s a celebration of fur, she said, and a “girly look” inspired by traditional clothing from across the globe.

“I love being able to make a statement,” Ms Taynor said.

“And it’s been fun to create.”

She has been featured in Newtons fashion magazine, where she described her designs as “hip hop-inspired”.

A lot of people have been asking me for this.

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