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Rome, Italy — It’s the city with the longest and most vibrant Italian fashion scene.

But for many of its residents, the city is more than just a fashion destination.

For men, fashion has been a way of life.

In Italy, men make up more than 90 percent of the population, but only 15 percent of its fashion designers.

It’s not just the designers, however.

They make up 50 percent of Italy’s retail fashion market, with a market share that’s larger than that of the U.S., Britain and France combined.

So, how do the men of Italy react to the idea of fashion?

One Italian man who has been living in Rome for almost a decade says he’s become a fashion icon.

“I feel proud of being Italian, because my countrymen love me and I’m proud of my looks,” said the man, who requested his last name not be used out of concern for his safety.

He said he grew up as a fashionista, with the idea that fashion can be a tool for social justice.

“It can be something that can help people in the streets.

It can be good to be able to say ‘no to racism,'” he said.

“It’s not about you, it’s about the world.”

And, he said, there’s something very masculine about the look of men in suits.

The man, however, said he was also raised with a sense of fashion’s value.

“The man’s gotta have a good wardrobe, otherwise he’s gonna get shot, or he’s not gonna have a job.

And I can see it in the fashion industry, I think it’s a good thing,” he said.”

I don’t feel like I have a lot of choice, you know, what to wear, what kind of outfit to wear.

So it’s like an obligation that comes with it, so I’m happy to do it.”

One of the biggest differences between Italian men and women is in their fashion choices.

Women’s clothing is typically more basic, and often more utilitarian.

Men tend to have more designer and casual styles, and their outfits often include a lot more accessories, like ties, shoes and even accessories like watches and watches.

And yet, men still enjoy the opportunity to dress like fashion icons, especially when it comes on the weekends.

The biggest trend is that women dress as much as men, as long as they don’t put on makeup.

But it’s the men who tend to dress more as fashion icons and even in their own home.

“If you’re a man, you’re not going to dress this way,” said one Italian man.

“Because if you do, you won’t have as much money, you’ll get killed.”

And for many Italian men, that’s not enough.

They want to make sure they look like their fashion icons.

“There’s something so masculine about it.

You have to be so confident, because if you don’t have confidence, you don`t do it, you get shot.

So, I try to be as masculine as possible.

I try not to look too feminine,” said another.

One of those who have been doing just that, has been wearing the traditional Italian outfit for years.

“You know, it`s my signature look.

It`s just me and my clothes,” he explained.

“And I always go out in my black suit, I wear my black ties, I have black shoes and I have my black watch.”

He said the style has become more formal as the years have gone by, and he also wears the traditional suits more often.

“Now, I`m just going out with my black tie and my black shoes, you can see I`ve gotten a lot better,” he joked.