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By The Associated Press Writer The fashion world has been in a tizzy for months, with companies and designers scrambling to keep up with demand for the new season of their clothing and accessories.

But the industry has only gotten more nervous about the new fashion season, and the outlook for the next few years.

The trend is all about the big-ticket items, including the biggest name designers.

They have an important role in shaping the next fashion wave, as well as the consumer perception of fashion.

In the meantime, the industry is trying to figure out what it needs to do to stay afloat.

But many are questioning what will really help the industry.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends.

Who’s who?

Fashion designers and designers at big brands like Zara, J. Crew, Prada, Burberry and Forever 21 are on a roll as they head into the new year.

The most important designer is no longer an exclusive to a designer, but is more than just a name.

As a fashion designer, you are now responsible for making sure the clothing you create looks good on your customers, whether they like it or not.

That means the way you work with your designers, the way they make their designs, the style and color choices and everything in between will determine what they end up selling.

The fashion press is a place where designers can have a chance to shine, so to speak, but the fashion industry is still trying to define what its new fashion needs to be.

For the most part, designers and fashion houses are looking at how to stay relevant with their clients and with their brand, according to Jennifer Haines, an executive vice president with fashion design firm The Creative Group.

But, designers are looking to the future.

There are so many big brands on the runway right now, that the industry needs to figure it out, Hainse said.

We need to have the same level of design, quality and innovation.

And we need to figure things out with them to keep the brand relevant.

What is the new trend?

We are seeing a big-name designer trend of having a more streamlined, streamlined design approach to their designs.

It is not an aesthetic shift.

Designer’s work has traditionally been very detailed and structured.

So, when they put their designs out on the market, they do it to show they have the knowledge, the tools and the technology to do it.

The designer has been taking on a more digital approach.

They are now taking a lot more of their designs online, where the brand is actually putting it out.

What do we need for a new fashion designer?

The industry is seeing a lot of the same things: We need a designer with a great sense of style, good ideas and an eye for detail.

And a good feel for how consumers want their clothes.

It’s also important for designers to keep that eye on the future of fashion and what the consumer wants to wear.

So it’s important for them to stay on top of trends and trends that are coming out in the marketplace and continue to evolve with them.

So a designer needs to know their brand and know what their audience wants, Hains said.

The industry has to figure that out and keep the creative energy going.

The new fashion trends come as designers are struggling to stay in business.

The biggest challenge is that most of the new brands have never worked with designers before.

The major brands, including Burberry, JCPenney and Prada are in the business of selling clothes, so they need to build a strong relationship with their designers.

The designers need to be in touch with their buyers and make sure they understand the needs of their customers.

There is a lot that needs to happen between the designer and the buyer.

It also needs to come together as a team.

That is when a designer can really shine.

And that’s why I think we are seeing the next generation of fashion designers come together, she said.

They can really take a leap of faith and go out and show how they do things.

They don’t have to be experts in the industry, Himes said.

Designer and stylist Michael Ondaatje has a different view of the current trends.

He said there are still a lot brands that are really focused on making money, and that they should be working with designers to create the best products.

But we need designers who are focused on creating the best garments.

And I think it’s time to start paying attention to who is doing what and what their customers want.

That will help create the kind of products that will attract the right consumers.

The next wave of designers is coming, and they are looking for people who can bring something new and different to the table.

The trends are changing.

Now we are really seeing a designer and stylists who are working with a lot younger designers.

There has been a lot new talent coming out of the fashion world in the