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NEW YORK — — — It’s been a great week for fashion lovers, as men’s fashion guide, Men’s Fall, has been launched.

The online store offers men’s and women’s styles from top brands including Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Calvin Klein, with over 300 styles ranging from casual to workwear to formal.

It has also launched a Men’s Fashion Guide, a daily newsletter on the fashion world’s top trends and tips, that will be available on the site as well as at its retail outlets.

The magazine has also added a men’s collection, which includes a selection of men’s shirts, hoodies and suits.

“With the launch of Men’s fashion, we are continuing to grow the brand’s visibility and the men’s wardrobe,” said Robyn Ehrlich, managing editor of Men, the magazine for men, in a statement.

“We’ve seen our readership increase, and we have more new subscribers than ever.

Our goal is to keep the men we know, as we are the brand we know.”

The new collection is available for men to try and find, as well, and will be part of a wider men’s trend that includes men’s clothing, men’s accessories, men in suits, and men’s shoes.

For now, the company is focused on offering men’s styles.

“There are a lot of trends going on now that have a men-specific focus, like the casual or workwear movement,” said Ehrlelich.

“But we wanted to bring something unique and fresh that men can look at and not be afraid to try on.”

The brand launched a women’s fall collection, too, and is launching a men wear section, too.

“The new collection will have a lot more men’s looks and accessories, and that’s something we’re really excited about,” said Kristin Geller, chief marketing officer at Men, in an interview.

“It’s going to be great for men who don’t want to compromise on style.”

Women are also getting in on the trend, with the website offering a womens collection that includes the same collection as the men.

“For the first time, men and women can explore their individual style preferences with Men’s style guides,” said Geller.

The site is also launching a Men and Boys section, and the brand is offering a Men in Boots section.

For more from Ehrlitt and Geller on the company, watch the video below.