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“Fishing in the Mediterranean is a way to get away from the city,” says an article in a local paper.

The owner of a “fashion lounge” in the Gulf capital of Dubai is selling his business to an unnamed buyer.

The business is run by a man called Abdullah Al-Saud, who, as the title of his website indicates, owns a “fashion lounge in Dubai.”

It’s not exactly a business for the faint of heart, though.

It’s a “world class” “Fitness & Fitness” gym, according to the owner’s website.

Al-Soud owns the gym, which he describes as a “private, private, private area” and that offers the services of a private room.

This “private” space, which the owner describes as “the best in the world,” includes an “exclusive lounge” where “we provide all the amenities of a fully equipped private room, including all the fitness equipment, the best cardio equipment, and even the best workout equipment,” according to his website.

It also includes a “secret area” for guests to “meet your new fitness trainer.”

Al-saud is reportedly worth $2.2 million.

He also sells luxury items in his “fashion bar” and has opened a number of other fitness and wellness businesses, including a gym in Dubai’s Tahrir Square.

In the United Arab Emirates, a number in the entertainment industry are looking to take advantage of the economic boom in the region and the opening of luxury malls, restaurants, and retail stores.

“Dubai has become the world’s first super city for the modern lifestyle,” said a statement from the Dubai Tourism Authority.

“With the Dubai Mall opening its doors in 2017, the city has the opportunity to be the global hub for modern and luxury lifestyle.”

“Dubuya is the world leader in luxury and has been awarded the coveted title of World Luxury City,” said the statement.

“Dubai is a global destination and is a destination for those who seek a lifestyle in luxury.”

Al Alami, a London-based luxury fashion retailer, announced that it is planning to open a boutique in Dubai in the coming months.