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In the Apple Watch’s case, it comes down to “selling to Apple.”

That means you can buy the device at a much lower price point, but the device is still $150 cheaper than its competitor’s model.

Here’s how to get started.

What are Apple Watches?

Apple’s Watch Series 3 is the company’s first wearable device, launched in 2014.

The new model includes a more-slim, slightly curved body with an LCD screen, and it’s available in three colors, Gold, Blue, and White.

Apple said in October 2017 that it would sell around 1.2 million of the watches in 2018.

The Series 3, which has a new “i” logo in the middle, will be available in two colors, Silver and Rose Gold.

There’s also a White Series 2 watch, which costs $1,000 more than the Series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in four colors, Pink, White, Pink and White Quartz, and the Series 5 is available with Rose Gold and Pearl Quartz.

The watch comes with a ceramic band that looks a bit like the Apple watch band, with a slightly raised metal band that sits on the back.

The device is also $300 cheaper than the Apple Watched Series 3 and Series 4.