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New Delhi, Feb 24: It is one of the most miraculous stories in the world.

It was only three years ago, on Feb. 6, 2012, that we were sitting on the banks of the Ganga and were hearing the sounds of a fire.

It was a massive fire that had engulfed our home in the Ghat, which is about 60 km away from here.

At the time, we did not know that it was happening.

The next morning, we realised it was a fire in our house.

When we realised, we knew it was the first time in our lives we had experienced such a fire and we were completely shaken.

We went to our relatives and neighbours, we asked them if they were all safe.

They all came out.

My sister and I got in our car and drove away.

I got up and walked down to my house.

The whole house was in flames.

When I came back, the whole house had been destroyed.

My house was completely burnt and everything was covered in black.

That is how bad it was.

It had already burned so badly.

We were very scared.

I was terrified that my parents would not come back.

My father was the last person in the house, but he was able to save me.

My parents were also very scared because they were afraid they would be blamed for my death.

I had gone to the police, but no one had brought them to us.

I begged them to take me back to them, but they said that I had to leave.

I kept thinking about my parents and they were very sad.

My brother went to the same police station that my mother went to and was brought to the station.

The same officer who brought my mother also brought my brother to the officer.

He said that they had to check whether my parents had a weapon and also whether they were carrying a weapon.

So he brought them both to the inspector and then to the doctor.

The doctor had to give them the antidote.

He had to do a CT scan and also a CAT scan to check the blood.

He also had to find out whether there were burns on their arms and legs.

The doctors had to perform an MRI scan.

And finally, they had a CT exam to check if there were any fractures on their legs.

I have never seen anything like this.

I never thought that a fire could happen in my house without the use of any kind of fire extinguisher.

I thought that if I went outside to dry my clothes, it would just burn me.

I would have to wait for about an hour before it would dry.

But then my sister, who had also gone to see the inspector, came back and found my parents, my sister said.

My mother was crying.

She was so happy that she was able, she said, to go outside and see that my house was totally burnt.

I told her that my sister was with me, that she could see that there was no fire in my home and she was there with me to see if my parents were alright.

That’s when my sister came back.

She started crying again.

She then told me that my father had been killed and my mother was alive.

She also said that my brother had come and was now in a stable condition and that my aunt and uncle were safe and healthy.

They said that their son was with them and that he was well.

I asked them why my mother did not go to the hospital and they said she could not go.

They did not want to take the risk of my mother and aunt getting hurt and dying.

So I said that if they wanted to go to see my parents in hospital, they should go to my sister.

She said that she had to go back to Delhi to meet my mother, so I went back to the house.

My uncle was in the kitchen and I saw him there.

I tried to get him to come to see me.

He was not there and I told him that my family would not be safe here.

He came outside and asked me to go and see my mother.

He did not get back to me.

Then I went to my brother.

He too went to his parents and said that he had gone back to his house and was safe.

The neighbours who had seen him told me they had seen my uncle, but I could not find him anywhere.

I left the house and got to my uncle’s house.

It is only now that I know that my uncle was there.

It took me about five hours to reach the hospital.

I visited him and I said, “You should not go because you are too scared.”

He said, that was a miracle.

He then told the doctor that I was fine.

The Doctor took a CT test.

He saw that my leg was totally burned and that the bones had broken.

I said to him, “Do not bother about that.

We will see what happens.”

I went with him to his home, where my uncle