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Posted November 09, 2018 15:20:30 When it comes to fashion, the Australian dress codes haven’t changed all that much in the past decade.

But a new look is the norm, with the trend increasingly seen as a way to be more stylish.

What’s new?

In the past, the majority of the country was made up of white-collar professions, which meant that women were expected to wear white dress shirts.

The new trend, however, is to include more diverse clothing styles, particularly for older women, which is seen as more “feminine”.

So why are Australian women now wearing more “dressy” clothes?

Some women say they’re trying to fit in with a more “dressed up” society.

But the fashion industry has also been accused of being sexist.

Some women, like the Australian Council of Fashion Directors (ACFD), have questioned why women are dressing like men when they are only wearing dresses.

“A lot of women, they’re like, ‘I don’t think that looks very good on me’,” ACFD chief executive Dr Karen D’Arcy said.

“So why don’t they just put on a dress, and be like, that’s the way they dress, I guess?”

And that’s a really tough argument for us to make, because that’s not the way we dress in Australia, but the way the world looks at us.

“And they don’t want to look like us.”

In some cases, women have also complained about the lack of dress styles.

For example, Dr D’Aricys said some men were wearing shorts and skirts, and she felt it was “distressing”.

“You know, there’s some people who say it’s like they’re going to a party, you know, and they’re dressed up,” she said.

She said the industry has been “under siege” in the US and Britain over the last few years, and said the change in Australia was due to the growing number of women in the workforce.

But some women have defended the new trend.

“We’ve had a lot of female executives and executives in fashion since the 90s, so we know how to dress and the right dress is important,” Ms D’Arthur said.

The ACFD said it had not received any complaints of discrimination from women in its workforce.

“As we’re growing, it is our job to educate and inform the fashion community, and we do have a very good track record with that,” Dr D. said.

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