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DIVERSE fashion trends are coming to the fore, as Princess Diana and Prince Philip begin their final year of life.

In the past, it was more of a family-owned brand, with princesses like Diana, Princess Margaret, Princess Eugenie and Princess Eugena owned by her parents.

Now, they’re the brands of the day, as the brand looks to capitalize on the global resurgence of fashion trends, including a resurgence in the use of black leather for accessories and a resurgence of couture.

The Duchess of Cambridge has made an industry of herself by crafting her own fashion line and launching her own line of coutures.

And the new couture line by her label, L’Oreal Paris, has been hailed by fashion journalists as “beautiful” and “glamorous.”

The company has already started to gain traction among the world’s fashion industry.

In addition to the Princess Diana line, Lippo has launched a range of accessories for the royal family.

And in November, Lizzie Bennet and Giorgio Armani collaborated on a line called “Princess Lizzies.”

But even with such a strong runway show, LIPEX is not going to be the one to break into the luxury fashion market anytime soon.

That’s because LIPXE is a luxury brand, meaning that it will not be able to sell products at wholesale prices, as many luxury brands do.

It’s a bit like a luxury boutique, and it will likely need to raise its prices, too.

LIPIXe, on the other hand, is a mass-market brand, and the Duchess is trying to appeal to a wider demographic.

So LIPx has created an attractive range of couturier-style accessories that appeal to fashion consumers, and that include a new line of high-end leather shoes.

The brand is currently in production in Italy, where it is planning to launch an entirely new range of shoes in 2017.

Lipixe is also going to open an in-store boutique, Lipx Luxury, in late 2017.

There are other big names in the industry that are looking to take advantage of the Duchess’s popularity.

The French designer Alexander McQueen, who has already designed a line of leather jackets for the Duke of Cambridge, is already showing off his collection of shoes at London’s Victoria & Albert museum.

And Michael Kors has been showing off its range of premium leather shoes for years, which are now selling out quickly.