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When the world thought it was time for the kids to start school, the parents of the 80s wanted them to dress as old fashioned.

The kids started wearing their dad’s old fashioned fashion in their outfits.

In this photo, parents of two boys and a girl take a stroll at their house in Los Angeles.

They both wore the same pair of pants that Dad used to wear during his tenure at the White House.

Parents and kids in the photo took a stroll during a visit to their parents’ home in Los Angelos, California.

The couple also wore similar outfits for their wedding.

(Photo: David McNew, Getty Images)Buy Photo The mom in the above photo has her dad’s outfit in her closet, as she holds her baby.

It’s the same style that her parents wore as they celebrated the 60th anniversary of the President’s birth in 1983.

She’s also wearing her dad on her shoulder.

It has been a favorite tradition to dress up with a hat and a pair of red sneakers.

(This is the exact style the parents used in the 1980s.)

It’s also a tradition that has been passed down through generations.

The mom wore the pants that her dad wore as President Jimmy Carter’s First Lady.

The outfit also has a great story behind it.

Back in 1982, during Carter’s first visit to the United States, his daughters and his wife, Jill, were walking down the aisle and his mom was on the phone.

The President was at the airport and was not in town for the ceremony.

He called his daughter and asked if she wanted to wear his suit.

She said yes, but that she was not going to wear it.

She wore the suit as the President was coming down the elevator to the ceremony and the pair of black boots she was wearing for the occasion.

The next day, President Carter received a congratulatory phone call from his daughters.

The call lasted just under an hour.

He was happy to see them, he told them, and then the President called Jill again to say he was going to get out of the room for a minute to call his children and ask if they wanted to be dressed up.

He told them to wear whatever they wanted.

They had their own choice of pants and shoes and chose the dress they wanted, the President told his daughters, Jill and Laura.

He then invited them to the wedding.

In honor of the event, the two families would wear matching outfits.

The dress worn by the couple in the photograph was an exact replica of that worn by President Carter at the time, according to the Los Angeles Times.

President Jimmy and Jill Carter were married in 1981 at the presidential library.

President Carter wore the traditional black dress that was worn by his wife during the ceremony in 1982.

The two families were married for two days in the White Hall of the White Senate and later gave birth to a son, Jimmy.

They are survived by their son, Billy.