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New look at fashion “man of today” article New looks at fashion, in the style of fashion’s past, will soon be part of the fashion industry’s “man to man” strategy, as young men look for careers in the fashion business and are drawn to the industry’s diversity.

The new look, which will be introduced this fall, is the culmination of a decade of work by fashion experts to redefine the man of tomorrow, said Simon LeVay, chief executive officer of the Canadian Fashion Institute.

LeVay is introducing a new look for the man who wants to be a fashion expert, rather than the fashion-obsessed, young man of today.

He is introducing “a new look that’s going to be very different to the look that people have traditionally been using to describe the fashion expert.

It’s not about being more successful in the industry, but it’s about changing the perception that fashion is for men,” said LeVays senior vice president, senior management, brand and marketing.

In a sense, that’s what LeVais goal is: to get people to look at the “man” in fashion, said Levays co-founder, senior vice-president, brand, and marketing, David McLeod.

“It’s about bringing in people who have a different skill set and a different set of values, and that’s really what this is about,” said McLeod, adding that the new look is designed to appeal to young men.

“There are a lot of different aspects of what I think is a really interesting and compelling market for the fashion designer, the fashion stylist, the designer of the suit and the designer, in terms of the role they play in the retail environment,” said Kevin McLean, who heads up fashion for The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

“It’s really about the role that you play in retail, in a brand.

That’s what’s really important, to be able to deliver on that, and we see a lot more success, for example, in The Toronto Stock Exchange, in that category.”‘

There’s an old saying, that you can’t have too many shoes’In the past, fashion experts have often focused on what is considered to be the best in the business, and those have generally been tailored to the age of the man.

“I think what we’re seeing now is a shift in the definition of what that is,” said Richard Wengert, the president of the American Fashion Institute, which advocates for better diversity in the field.

Wengert said that for many years, fashion has been defined by what was worn in the office or in the home.

“You can’t really say ‘that’s what it is,'” he said.

“Now we’re starting to see it as a person.

The definition is different, the role, the experience and the mindset of the person.”

In an interview with the Globe and Exchange, Wengerton said he believes the new style will help fashion grow in a “different way.”

“There’s a lot that’s exciting about this.

There’s an opportunity for it to be more inclusive and to be less about men,” he said, adding, “There’s going, I think, to a point where I think it’s going be more about women.”

According to LeVayne, the new man of the year will have the ability to influence the fashion world.

“He will be a guy that is going to shape fashion in a way that’s more relevant to the times we live in.

He will be an influencer,” he told the Globe.”

The more the world understands what’s going on in fashion and what’s the culture of fashion, the more they will be drawn to it.”