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There’s a lot to love about New York City.

Its eclectic collection of fashion houses, boutiques and boutiques with a passion for design, food and drink.

But there are some trends that just seem to be more popular than others. 

The city has been dubbed ‘the fashion capital of the world’ and in 2015, fashion houses from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren all launched in the city.

But while some of these big names have seen a boost in sales from their New York stores, other fashion houses have struggled with the same trend. 

It’s not just the big brands, either.

It’s the little ones too.

A recent study by the UK’s fashion analytics company Topshop showed that the number of fashion shops in the UK have plummeted by 10 per cent over the last decade. 

This has not just affected shops across the city, but also smaller outfits that are still trying to make a living and are also struggling to make the jump from one department store to another. 

According to the research, the number 1 reason why people shop in the same department store has been the same for all three major retailers in the past five years. 

However, there is one thing that can help fashion house sales skyrocket, and that is by being seen on TV. 

For example, New York Fashion week has long been a staple of TV, with many fashion houses appearing on the show to promote their collections and get new customers to the store. 

But the reality is that TV has not helped fashion houses much in the way of sales. 

While the show has shown some big names like Tommy Hildon, Calvin Lewis and Tommy Hilson, the main reason for the popularity of the fashion shows in New York is the fashion of the city itself. 

“When people see the city and the style, they want to shop there,” said Gwyneth Jones, who is an associate editor at the Fashion Industry Association. 

In a statement, the fashion industry’s association added: “We want to see a fashion show like New York in the world of fashion where fashion is seen as a conversation and not just an event.” 

However that may not be the case. 

Some fashion houses are also getting more creative in marketing their collections, especially when it comes in the form of pop-up events. 

Take this recent pop-ups at the new Macy’s department store in New Jersey. 

When the pop- up was unveiled in April, New York-based fashion house Stella McCartney said it was to help promote their brand. 

“[It’s] really about being able to connect with people and be there when they’re shopping, and then they can be there with their friends and their families when they leave,” she told the Daily News. 

Although the pop up was successful, Stella McCartney also noted that it did not help sales at the store and instead hurt the company’s bottom line. 

Despite this, Stella said that she had been contacted by the store’s management team, who were “excited” by the pop ups. 

She said: “They said it’s a great way to reach out to consumers in the New York area, and it’s very exciting to see that they were interested in doing something like that.” 

With this pop-UP event, Stella added that she was also able to create a brand awareness campaign for the store, which she said she hopes to have ready for customers in October. 

Stella also said that the pop Up would help her company grow their sales.

“We’re going to have a bigger pop-Up in September,” she said. 

As well as the popUp, Stella has also recently launched a pop-upto-the-hour event for the Macy’s store.

“We’re looking to do an all-day event in September where we’ll be putting a pop up at 8pm,” she explained. 

Speaking to The Guardian, Stella also said the pop upto the hour event would help the store grow their business. 

 “It’s just a way of bringing people in,” she continued.

“The thing that I love about pop-overs is it’s an event that people come in and are really impressed. 

So it’s really exciting for me, for the people who work there, to see them really be excited and interested.” 

And although Stella has had a popupto the hours event, she said that it is not something that her company has always been interested in. 

After all, Stella explained that she started out doing pop- Ups and did not really consider it a “pop-up”. 

“Pop-ups, it’s all about the people coming in,” said Stella.

“It’s about the experience, not just in the popup but the experience in the shopping, the atmosphere, and the people you see there.” “I