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The first question we asked was: How many books are selling at retail in India in December?

We came up with a list of the top 500 books on sale in December for India and then we divided the list into categories and categorized each book by the number of sales.

Then, we went through the top selling books in each category and checked if there was any overlap in sales across categories.

We also looked at sales for all books on Amazon, Google and other platforms. 

After analyzing the sales data, we noticed that the books in the Top 500 are all sold by publishers that have been around for a long time.

For example, there are no titles published by Penguin or HarperCollins that are on the list of Top 500 books in December.

So, we thought that a lot of these books might be in the books of small publishers that had not been successful before.

We ended up finding several books in this category. 

A book that sold well last year, like this one, can make a comeback in the new one. 

Another example, is this one from Harrow.

This is a book that has had a lot more hits than the others. 

 We did not look at sales data for books in other categories, but we did check the sales of a book like this from India’s largest publisher, Anant Chandrashekar, which sells around 100,000 books a year.

We found that this book was selling well in December in India and had just over half the sales that the other titles. 

Anant Chandrakshkar’s book The Last King of India is the only one on this list to be on the Top500 list of books for India. 

What is the Best Selling Book of India? 

The book that we found most popular among Indian readers was The Last Kings of India.

It was a very well-known book, with many reviews. 

The books we found popular with readers were books like  The First Year in India by Rajesh Khadse,  The Last Day in India,  The Last Knight of India by K.S. Ramakrishnan,  and  The Legend of the Last Knight. 

Why are books so popular? 

For the last 15 years, India has been experiencing a rise in books and movies.

People love reading and are looking for books that they can look up to.

A popular book that was popular in the 1990s or 2000s can now make a return in the current years. 

But, it is also true that books are not a new genre. 

In the last few decades, we have seen the popularity of books that are more about the past or present.

So it is not that the last-published books are no longer in the bestseller list, but that they are more widely accessible and available for people to read.