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The Fashionista Fashion Lady Gaga was born on September 5, 1984.

Her debut was in the January 2000 issue of Vogue, where she had the magazine’s signature lookbook.

But since then, she’s been busy.

She’s won three Grammys (including one for Best Live Action Performance) and appeared on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, among others.

In September of this year, Gaga took a step further, debuting her first collection at the New York Fashion Week fashion show.

Her signature look was the gown she wore in the “The Fame” music video for “Swimming Pools.”

Since then, Gaga has become an icon of fashion, appearing on the cover of V Magazine and on the CoverGirl show.

Here are ten things you might not know about Gaga.


Gaga’s first name means “swim pool.”

It’s a pun on “Swamp Girl,” a character from the television show “American Horror Story.”

The name of the fashion show was “Swim Pool,” but Gaga chose the name of her collection because it’s more than a name.

The designers at the show chose a name that was both sexy and cool, which is why they went with Gaga’s signature color scheme of green and pink.


Gaga wore a white dress for her NYFW gown.

The dress was a little too tight for Gaga, so they made a little more room for the fabric in the back.

It was so cute and girly!

She also wore a gold dress that had a gold ribbon at the hem.


She wears a lot of makeup.

When Gaga was in her early 20s, she had a lot to deal with and the makeup she wore was always a little bit on the pale side.

So, when she started her career, she always had a few layers on, especially her skin.

Gaga has been a huge fan of MAC cosmetics and the brand’s makeup.


She is a huge follower of fashion trends.

She started wearing a makeup bag on the runway for her debut collection, which she wore for the cover shoot of V magazine’s January 2000 cover.

She also recently made a video to promote her “Swimm Pools” music clip.


She recently released a book called Fashionista: Fashion’s Next Queen.

The book is called The Fashionist, which has been written by the author of the Vogue cover.

The authors is an all-star roster of fashion designers and influencers.

It includes Stefani Germanotta, Jorjani Jacobs, Lianne La Havas, Yvonne Houghton, Michelle Williams, and Jena Malone.


Gaga made her debut in the style department at her agency, Marc Jacobs.

When she was in high school, she was one of the models for the agency’s new collection, the “Summer 2000.”

The collection included a dress by Lola Lola and a skirt by Giorgio Armani.

The designer was impressed with the fashionista’s style and encouraged her to go to the agency to work on her own designs.


Gaga is the youngest designer to win a Grammy.

The Grammy award was given to singer-songwriter Rihanna in 2010 for “Gangnam Style.”

She won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance for “You Belong With Me.”

She’s been in the fashion world for 15 years.

She was recently voted in as the fashion icon for the next five years.


She once wore a hat with a white elephant on it.

The hat was originally made by an agency, but it was stolen from Gaga’s home in 2003.

She eventually gave it back to the designer who made it. 9.

Gaga also wears a gold ring on her left hand.

Gaga used to wear a gold necklace with the name “Swims with Me” engraved on it, but she decided to keep it for herself because she thought it looked cute.


She has a daughter named Ariana.

Gaga and her husband, DJ Khaled, had a daughter, Ariana, born in 2011.


Gaga recently opened up about her pregnancy.

In a new interview with Glamour, she said that she miscarried during her pregnancy because she was too heavy and didn’t have enough room to carry her baby.


She used to travel to NYC for Fashion Week.

In an interview with People magazine, she explained why she’s not going to the fashion shows anymore.

She said she’s going to New York to work and that she’s getting pregnant.


She doesn’t wear makeup.

She says she prefers to keep her skin covered.


She and Khaled are expecting their first child together.

They announced the news on their Instagram pages on January 21, 2017.

They’re expecting their second child together on February 15, 2017, in New York City.

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